You know, I’m not a total girly-girl.  I don’t live in a world of ruffles and other scary feminine touches.  But I do love me some pink.  When asked, I quickly tell people it’s my favorite color.  I laugh now when I think back to when thought hunter green was my favorite color.  Middle school was a really confusing time for me.  I’m glad I got over that. I might be wearing plaid and cleaning my gun right now.
But no, pink is where it’s at.  
And today it just feels like a good time to celebrate my favorite color, don’t you think? 
I’m not sure how thrilled Ryan would be with this room.  But I’d probably tingle whenever I walked into it.  
Really, who doesn’t need a pink cow Andy Warhol print these days?  
Pretty in pink cake pops.  Great.  Now I have to make these and eat then all while I have a John Hughes movie marathon.  Wait.  That sounds delightful
Hot pink Mary Jane heels.  Now, let me be clear, I like these shoes in theory.  In reality, if I could even get them on my feet, I’d have nowhere to wear them.  Not to mention, I’d probably fall down and die if I tried to walk in them.  But they are still awesome.  Completely impractical and possibly deadly, but awesome.  
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  1. Anonymous says

    Those shoes are easier to walk in than they look. And you could wear them with jeans and a t-shirt and cardigan. I think you should get them. You’ll feel hot and awesome in them. :D

  2. says

    I struggled with my tomboyness for a long time too, and then read some books about the lost art of femininity and learned to embrace it! Blue is still my favorite color, but I like a little pink here and there too. :)

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