On not weighing myself

Last week I wrote about my one true resolution for the year (liking myself) and it’s connection to my word for the year (happiness).  
One thing I vowed to do was not weigh myself.  While I know for certain I’m not at my ideal weight, I’m tired of being a slave to the scale.  It’s not right for that number to have so much  control over me.  
I’d simply rather focus on healthy habits and not how much I weigh.  
Turns out though, that’s really freaking hard.
I didn’t realize just how much that number of the scale rules my life.  Like when I’d jump on the treadmill for a workout, how hard I pushed myself usually depended on my weight.  Did I gain a little?  Then I’d “punish” myself with a tougher workout.  
So when I got on the treadmill to start day 1 of training for the half marathon I’m going to run, I felt like I didn’t know how hard to push myself.  I didn’t know what my weight was, and my weight always told me what to do.  
That’s kind of messed up
But then something kind of incredible happened.  I ran on the treadmill and I listened to my body.  I mean, I really listened to it.  I knew when I had more to give and I knew when I needed to let up.  I was also able to truly feel how much the extra poundage I have affects my running.  
If I was still weighing myself, I’d run to the scale right this minute.  I’d know exactly how many calories to eat and how much I should workout.  It’d be easy.  
But I’d be miserable.  And this is year of happiness, so that’s not an option.  So I have to do something that feels a little scary.  I just have to keep running and keep eating right and trust that it will be enough.  
There’s no diet.  There’s no special meal plan.  There’s no weekly weigh-in or progress reports.  
There’s only how I feel.  There’s only the way I feel in my clothes.  There’s only the way I feel during a run.  But it’s enough.  
So, au revoir bathroom scale.  I officially no longer require your services. 

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12 thoughts on “On not weighing myself

  1. Lauri Rottmayer

    It’s REALLY hard. We have just moved, temporarily, and I was home yesterday. When I was there, I stepped on the scale and I really contemplated taking it with me. And I left it. It’s a very hard thing to do but I honestly believe it will be better for me (and for you!) in the long run. :-)

  2. mail4rosey

    I would love my scale more if it said what I wanted it to. ;o)

    Good for you for making a tough decision and sticking with it. My guess is it will get easier and easier as time goes. Congrats on the decision, too, to have a happy year. I love that, yay!

  3. Mo 'Betta

    That’s awesome! The scale can make or ruin my day (or week!), so I have been trying to avoid it. However, I got on it for the first time in a while the other day, and it made me miserable. A half-marathon is awesome. I’ve only done one 5K, a year or two ago. You go girl!

  4. tristan

    this really got to me! i couldn’t have read it at a better time and i just wanted to say “thank you!” i just wanted you to know that i really appreciate your transparency! <3

  5. Holly

    This post ROCKS!! Seriously, this is exactly what my philosophy has been for this whole ‘new year’ stuff. I don’t want to just lose a certain amount of weight or put myself on a diet. I want to run and train for the 5K I’m running (kudos to you doing a halfer!) and as a result I’ll eat healthier and fit into my clothes better. It’s important to feel good about yourself, and if that’s just running without weighing then good for you!! :)

  6. DMarie

    I threw out my scale a LONG time ago. I too was a slave to the actual “number.” When I went to Weight watchers, they had it scribbled somewhere on my information to not tell me what I actually weighed. I just knew if I lost or gained and I usually lost! I tend to be obsessive-compulsive and it just works for me. Of course they no doubt think I am nuts at the doctor’s office when I tell them I don’t want to know. I go by my clothes and how I feel although I have read recently that clothing manufacturers have been lying to women for years. What used to be a size 11 is now a 9 or 7 making women think they are smaller than they really are.

    Now I used to have a friend, who used to set her scale to be 5 lbs lighter. Hey whatever works for ya I guess. :-)


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