Dystopia 2012 Challenge

I don’t think there’s a reading challenge I won’t take.  So when I stumbled across the Dystopia 2012 Challenge, I knew I was on board.
I’ve not read a ton of dystopian literature, but I always seem to have a few on my to-read list that never make it to the top.  I guess that’s about to change!
If you’re not familiar with dystopian literature, here’s a good summary to get you up to speed.
You can challenge yourself to read as few as five books (which is what I’m doing) all the way up to 200.
I’ll be checking back in as I finish each book to let you know what I thought.  So far I haven’t decided which five I’m actually going to read.  There are so many good options out there.
Anyone else up to the challenge?
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  1. says

    Ooooh yay! I’m down! This sounds excellent! I love dystopian literature, and there’s a lot of great YA novels in the genre out there now that are quick reads! YAY!!


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