Fill in the Blank Friday {and a call for guest bloggers}

Before I get started with Fill in the Blank Friday, I want to let everyone know I’m looking for guest bloggers to write here at Everyday Trish over the next few months.  With a move that’s almost certain and a baby that will certainly not want to stay in my uterus forever, I need some help.
I’m open to pretty much all ideas.  Things are random here, so we don’t need to stick with a theme.  I would just suggest staying away from anything mean, hateful, vulgar or too controversial.  I like to keep things fun!
If you have an idea or already have a post written, let me know and we’ll go from there.  And if you do submit a post, I’d love to also put your blog button up in the sponsors section for a month, just as a small way to say thank you for helping an emotional pregnant chick out!  And if you know of anyone else who’d like to branch out and write a guest post here, spread the word.
Now, onto Fill in the Blank Friday:
1.  Over this Labor Day weekend I will be spending too much money at the outlet mall (it’s the American way, right?), and living in denial about having to move right around the time I’m due to pop a baby out.
2.  With the political debates going on right now, my thoughts are that we should try to keep things respectful.  I understand how passionate people can be about politics.  I’m passionate about what I believe, but I never want to be a jerk about it.  You’re not making any friends that way.
3.  Today just feels happy.  I was in danger of waking up this morning stressed out and ready to assume the fetal position somewhere, but I didn’t.  Because I remember the struggles we had to go through to get to today, and the temporary ones we’re about to face are nothing compared to those.  So I’m happy.  And I’m even happier to have someone to reminds me to calm the hell down once in a while.
4.  The best thing I cooked recently was probably these individual peanut butter pies.  Please, just go make them now.  You’ll understand.
5.  The last thing I bought was a bunch of random stuff at the store last night.  A couple of the highlights include dog food, Swiffer Dusters and a baby outfit the kid can’t even wear for another year and a half.
6.  The best movie I saw this summer was The Avengers.  I’m not even sure it was technically summer yet.  Close enough though.
7.  The best book I read this summer was um, give me a second.  Did I even finish a book this summer?  That’s sad.  Let’s pretend this didn’t just happen.
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  1. says

    Totally with you on being polite when it comes to others political views. I was at the bank the other day & some random old dude started talking to me (super up close & in my face) about how much Obama sucks & how I should definitely NOT vote for him. Granted, I have no freakin’ clue who I’m voting for but getting up in my face like that was not a way to win the other dude a vote. I was like, old dude back the eff up & get off my junk. Yeah…I’m gangsta some times.

    Don’t feel bad about not finishing a book this summer, neither did I :/

  2. says

    If you still need a guest poster, I’d be happy to help you out! I’ve moved so often and just had a baby, but I can’t imagine doing it all at once! Good luck, lady.

    I read your blog all the time and tweet at you, but I don’t comment often. I’m going to do a better job at that. I love feedback and comments, so I’m sure you do too!

    Haha- I never go to the outlet mall but I went this Labor Day weekend too. And you know what? It was awesome!!

    I wish everyone were more respectful to one another with differing opinions too. It’s just getting worse and worse the closer the election comes.

    Gotta go because I’ve got to make some of those awesome PB pies!! Holy moly.

  3. Lisa says

    I’d love to write for you… Except I can be prone to cynicism and calling people stupid. Probably not what you’re looking for. I’ll try getting pants less and swigging some vodka with twinkies and see if my general mood improves. If I come up with something then, I’ll send it over.

  4. says

    Oh I totally agree with you on the political thing here! It always surprises me how people can be so crazy about politics…and sports. Get over it dudes! Anyhoo, I’ll totally guest post for you, I have some good ones I can share if you wanna repost over here. I’ll shoot you an email 🙂

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