Uncommon Goods: An Elemental Blocks Review

elemental building blocks review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Uncommon Goods to find out if I’d be interested in reviewing a product from their website.  Knowing that Uncommon Goods carries such an interesting mix of products, I jumped at the chance to pick something.  What I didn’t know though was just how dedicated they are to finding and delivering not only unique, but quality items.  Half of what they sell is handmade, mostly right here in the United States.  And as if that wasn’t good enough already, with every purchase made at Uncommon Goods, they donate $1 to a charity of your choice through their Better to Give program.

I had all sorts of warm fuzzies going on as I searched their website for the perfect item to review.  They have so many fun things available I felt like I might never decide on just one then.  Then I saw these elemental blocks, and I knew I had to have them:

elemental blocks

You see, I’m convinced (er, I hope anyway) that Wyatt has inherited his father’s aptitude for science. In which case, he’s going to need these blocks any day now.  I mean, he’s almost 11 months old, it’s about time he he started to memorize the periodic table.  Right?

For now he’s just enjoying the way they taste:

baby with a block Even though the blocks are recommended for ages 2 and up, I felt comfortable letting him get a “taste” of his new toy.  The blocks are hand-crafted and painted with non-toxic inks right here in the United States.  Plus, they held up really well to a teething baby’s onslaught of slobbery chewing.

I think these blocks would be great for kids in a wide age range, homeschooling families, or for teachers to have in their classroom.

I highly recommend checking out Uncommon Goods, especially with the holidays coming up (how did this year go by so fast?) I know we’re all going to be scrambling around to find the perfect gift.  They’ve got a lot of great gift-giving resources.  You can search for gifts by price (to see gifts under $50 click here, or here for gifts under $100) or by recipient.  I’ve already got a few picked out that I think my family will be pretty excited about.

You can also find Uncommon Goods on Facebook or subscribe to the Uncommon Goods Newsletter.

And later this week I’ll be posting a giveaway for $50 Uncommon Goods gift certificate, so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Christia Joy Carpio says

    He is going to be a boy wonder and come into chemistry class when he’s in highschool PROUD. Haha xD

  2. Keara B. says

    These are awesome! Hubby is a teacher and he’d get a kick out of these. Plus, I’m pretty sure my daughter would enjoy them, too. 😉

  3. Suzanne Shattuck says

    I have always loved uncommon goods! I like the concept of the blocks. All kids need building blocks when they are young and hey, it’s never to early to start turning them into geniouses right?

  4. Autum says

    I love these blocks! I’ve seen them over on ThinkGeek and have been debating getting them for my 15 month old but it seems Uncommon Goods has a greater variety of fun blocks compared to them. These are definitely a great idea for Christmas or even a baby shower. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  5. Heather! says

    How cool! I love so many of Uncommon Goods’ geeky gifts. That section is pretty much my Christmas Wish List. 😉

  6. Marti Tabora says

    I think you’re right, those blocks would be great for a wide age range. Uncommon Goods always has the most interesting things, that you can’t find anywhere else. Thank you.

  7. Amy B says

    Haha – those blocks crack me up! I’ve got a few med school friends who would play with those themselves (and love to save ’em for their kids).

  8. Debbie says

    Kids love playing with blocks,but learning the elements is too advance. I say let a child be a child,there is a lot of time in the future for them to learn about science.

  9. Alexia says

    I think it’s great that much of what uncommon goods sell is made here in the US. I also like that they donate $1 from each purchase to the charity of a customer’s choice. The blocks seem great- I have heard that they always have products of great quality. Thanks for the chance to win! xoxo

  10. Sandy Cain says

    What? They don’t tell you how many electrons are in each shell???? I’m outraged and appalled! You should DEMAND your money back! …..oh….you got them for free? In that case, enjoy!

  11. Chelsea r says

    I love the pic! So cute. The fact they are made here in the U.S. is great. Maybe he will follow in Dads footsteps.

  12. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    First of all – I LOVE Uncommon Goods – one of my favorite places to shop for special, unusual, and thoughtful gifts (in all prices ranges) for folks of all ages and relationships (from close loved one to casual acquaintance and/or colleague – Oh and of course for oneself!

    Currently find myself shopping for a 19 month old girl, 9 month old girl and a two week old boy. I’m especially interested in finding a special and thoughtful gift for the two girls.

    The 18 month old girl – has the new litlle two week old brother. She is feeling a little confused and no longer the center of the universe, She is very bright, creative and artistic – just like her parents. And I appreciate your drawing Uncommon Goods to my attention as the perfect place to find some special gifts to keep her stimulated and engaged while the new baby demands so much attention.,

    And the 9 month old: I so appreciate your observations (and congrats on your genius son!) We have new tenants/neighbors: a young couple from Vietnam and they are all around wonderful and brilliant people (working on cures for an non-invasive testing for cancers like colon and lung.)

    Anyway, this little girl is so brightm she follow along as her mom reads her REAL books. I think these blocks would be perfect for her – as young as she is and know that they are safe (to big to swallow!) and non-toxic is essential. Thanks Trish!


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