Bubbles and S’mores

Bubbles and S'mores

Our weekend was filled with so much fun. My parents came for a visit (we can’t seem to keep those suckers away from us) so we spent a lot of time hanging out. And eating, of course. Where the Adams clan goes, food is never far behind. And we were all pretty excited to give Wyatt his first taste of s’mores.

Things turned serious pretty fast.

Bubbles and S'mores

I think this is him pleading with me not to blog about it. Oops.

Bubbles and S'mores

Out of respect for his dignity, I won’t post the rest of them. But he didn’t say anything about bubble pictures.

I wish back fat looked that good on me.

Bubbles and S'mores

He was totally mesmerized.

Bubbles and S'mores

And I’m a fan of anything that keeps him from beating me with his toys.

I hope you had a weekend that was as full of fun as ours was!

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    Looks like you had a great weekend! We haven’t let our little one try smores yet, BUT we are having a cookout soon so that seems like the perfect opportunity! lol! Looks like your little man enjoyed them!


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