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My child is a hopelessly terrible sleeper. He stays up most nights until 1 or 2 in the morning. There’s nothing that puts this kid out. After too many months of being frustrated, I finally threw in the towel and said fine, stay up as late as you want. But you’ll do it in your room, and you’ll be quiet. This arrangement has been incredibly effective. I still don’t fall asleep before him, but at least I’m not torturing myself (and him) with hours of futile attempts to get him to sleep. He hops right up in bed when he’s ready and goes to sleep on his own.

Occasionally this arrangement doesn’t work out, for various reasons. Like last night he was terrified of his room and begged to come to my bed. I admit to being a little frustrated. I had plans, dangit. Put laundry away. Watch a show that’s inappropriate for children. Eat candy.

Instead we turned on Angry Birds. I answered a million questions. I reminded him to be quiet a billion times.

Project 365 Day 5

I watched him sit on the edge of the bed during the exciting parts. It was late and I was tired, but I was happy.

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