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I knew I probably wasn’t going to have a ton of daylight to play with today, so I went ahead and got a quick view out my bedroom window just in case I couldn’t get to anything else. It turned out to be a smart idea. By the time I got back from my hair appointment and a little shopping (like I wasn’t going to show off my gray-less roots to Target) it was rainy and gloomy. Then I may or may not have fallen asleep in my dad’s recliner while the small child watched The Peanuts Movie. Proper parenting right here.

Project 365 Day 2

There it is in all it’s glory. My bedroom view. I have a great vantage point for watching the small child skirt death on the sports edifice (as our sweet neighbor calls it) in the backyard. And now that’s it’s winter I have a pretty good view inside the backyard neighbor’s windows. Which just made me realize they must have a pretty good view into mine. Excuse me while I try to figure out how much naked dancing I’ve done in here.

The answer is too much.

Equipment used:

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