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The small child’s favorite movie of the moment is The BFG. He builds himself little forts and declares the inside “giant country” which is both cute and ironic. He drinks frobscottle (fizzy drink where the bubbles go down instead of up) and lets out great big whizzpoppers (explosive green farts). He’s starting to sound more and more like the actual BFG, and the scariest part is, I can actually understand him. A good sign we’ve watched the movie way too many times.

When he’s not acting the part of the giant, he’s wrapped in a blanket, calling himself Sophie. Truthfully, I think he’s just cold because he walks around the house with no bottoms on all day. Speaking of, potty training the little fournado is moving right along. I wish I understood why he’s so resistant, but we’re getting through it. And today when I very excitedly praised him for pooping in the potty he disdainfully informed me that it was not poop, but a “solid turd.”

Maybe one day I will be as smart as he is.

Project 365 Day 4

Some days he’s so into having his picture taken. Today was not one of those days. I still think he’s pretty cute when he’s willfully ignoring me pleas to just look at the camera though.

Equipment used:

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    Hey, Trish! I have been catching up on blog posts from before the holidays and my commenting is sporadic, but I want you to know that I AM reading and loving your daily photos!

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